The Boccadamo Foundation is financed by the subscriptions of its founders, from the proceeds of their initiatives, contributions from foundations and individuals. anyone share the goals of the Foundation Boccadamo solidarity can help to ensure that an increasing number of charitable initiatives can be implemented.

• Bank transfer c / c Banca Popolare Frusinate - IBAN: IT 75 F 14800 05 297 4848 00,001,048 payable to "Foundation Boccadamo" and cause "spontaneous donation."
• By check made ​​payable to the Foundation Boccadamo, delivered in a sealed envelope to: Boccadamo Foundation, Via delle Industrie, 26 - 03100 Frosinone (FR), Italy.
The 5x1000 is a great opportunity to support and carry forward
the projects of the foundation. this choice don't involve any exspensive 
i progetti di solidarietà della Fondazione Boccadamo.
Questa scelta non comporta nessuna shopping for you, being a part of the tax to which the state gives. If you do will effect no choice, 5x1000 will be to the state. The 5 x 1000 is the share of Income Tax of the People Tax (PIT), which you can target, in the statement of income in favor of non-profit organizations and activities with the aim of social interest. 5x1000 donate to the Foundation Boccadamo costs nothing. It is not, in fact, an additional tax, and does not even amount to the amount Income Tax. It 'an amount that the state, rather than cash, destined to non-profit entities and individuals that engage in specific social relevance. Allocate your 5x1000 Boccadamo the Foundation is simple: in the address box model "730", "Unique" and "cud" with the words "Support the voluntary sector, non-profit social organizations, associations of social promotion, associations and foundations ", put your signature and indicates the tax code of the Foundation 920 63,830,605

Also your company can help the Foundation Boccadamo to promote the campaign to 5x1000. 
 The possibilities are many:

-   You can place a banner on the website / company intranet
-   Send to employees or customers an e-mail information
-   Convey a leaflet to its customers / suppliers
-   Exhibit a poster on the bulletin board
-   Enter a letter or a memo in the next payroll
-   Allocate advertising space

To convey the promotional materials, or new proposals, do not hesitate to contact us.
Deductibility 'TAX
An individual who makes a donation to the Foundation Boccadamo receive a tax benefit recognized in the statement of income by reducing the gross tax due. May be deducted from the gross amount equal to 19% of cash donations for an annual amount not exceeding Euro 2,065.83 (Article 15, paragraph 1, lett. Bis of the Decree 917/86). The deduction must be indicated in line E19/20/21 Model 730, or in line RP19/20/21 Model Law.
Alternatively, pursuant to art. 14 of D.L. 14.03.2005 No. 35, the payments can be deducted from the income limit of 10% of the total income, and the extent of up to Euro 70,000 (line E27 code 3 model 730, RP28 code or line 3 of the model Act).
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