Boccadamo: 40 years of passion and successes 

Cut the finish line of his first 40 years of activity Tonino Boccadamo. 2018 marks this important anniversary for the fashion factory, which recalls the fundamental stages of its rise. Forty years later, the Boccadamo brand is a solid reality, known and appreciated in Italy and in the world. It all started with a passion born spontaneously and cultivated in the school years, when Tonino Boccadamo tried to make small jewelry to give to his friends. Over time, what initially was a hobby has become a prospect for the future, on which Tonino invested his savings of boy and many dreams.

It was 1978 when an ambitious Tonino Boccadamo embarked on his journey in the world of precious stones.
From that moment on, his entrepreneurial activity has always been growing. In 1983 was born the I.P.D, Ingrosso Pietre Dure, the first individual company of Tonino Boccadamo, with wholesale of creations in semi-precious stones. Two years later, the first jewelery is inaugurated, with retail sale. The business expanded and in 1985 Tonino Boccadamo began his adventure in India, importing precious stones from here.
Starting from 1992, the focus of his work is concentrated in Valenza, the main Italian goldsmith district, to which he joined the gold export in 1995.
Shortly thereafter the insight to move from gold to silver and move work to Frosinone, where concentrate production and sales.
The new headquarters were inaugurated in 1998 with two exceptional godfathers: Nino Manfredi and his wife Erminia.

The end of the 90s also coincides with the launch of the Boccadamo brand, accompanied by the first major communication campaigns. From the small provincial laboratory, Boccadamo began its path of expansion and growth.
They gave their face to publicize the jewels Debora Caprioglio, Rossella Brescia, the ex Miss Italia, Edelfa Chiara Masciotta, Michela Coppa and the Olympic swimming champion Massimiliano Rosolino, to whom is linked the debut of the Man line.
There were glamor events with VIP guests, great personalities from the world of entertainment, culture and sport but also illustrious institutional representatives. This is the case, in 2011, of the TooBe Party organized at the Maxxi in Rome, or the most recent inauguration of the first Italian flagship store, in Via Frattina, in the heart of the capital.
TV has courted Tonino Boccadamo, and here are the many television shows, with a cameo in the film by Massimo Boldi "Marriage in Paris" in 2014 and then the presence  in "Mattino Cinque" and Tg2, to support his battle in favor of vaccinations.
This long journey has brought the Boccadamo name far, beyond national borders, with the openings of the boutiques of Nice, Shiraz in Iran and Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia.
Since 2012 Tonino Boccadamo has personally overseen the achievements of his Foundation, to carry out important national and international solidarity projects, with the recent inauguration of the Goldsmith School.
Retracing the highlights of these 40 years does not want to be just a celebratory gesture, but also thanks to Tonino Boccadamo, his activism, his stubbornness and great strength of spirit, transmitted in his work, in his personal life and in his philanthropic activity.
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